15-year-old r*pe victim defiled few days after surgery in Benue

The letter read in part: “All rapes are evil, damaging and unforgivable but the rape of a girl child who has just survived a major operation not only the worst form of rape but one of the most heinous crimes anyone can commit.

“The deterrence of such a crime depends on the capacity and the seriousness with which the case is investigated and prosecuted. We, therefore, urge the urgent intervention to be made by the Police Area Commander to ensure justice for this case.

“We call on the political and other section agencies to fish out Eddy Ujah and bring him to justice and to devise effective strategies to checkmate the growing menace of sexual assault in Benue State.”

The elders commended the effort of the Och’Otukpo Odu, Chief John Eimonye, the Och’Idoma, HRH Agabaidu, Dr Elias Ekoyi Obekpa, the various society activists including, One Idoma Initiative, Hadassah Foundation, Idoma Jewel, DOCARE Foundation, POWA, the state Police Commissioner and Inspector General of Police who are all working for the arrest of the culprit and demanding for justice for the victim. (Tribune Online)

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