5 things that happened at the Big Brother Naija live eviction show [Week 6]

So guys, here are interesting things that happened at the live eviction show that you should know.

Six long weeks have so far gone in the Big Brother house with Biggie twisting the game everyday to the excitement of its viewers.

The sixth week in the house was sort of relaxing at the house because Big Brother decided that there was going to be no evictions. So we guess you guys would be wondering why the live eviction show still held. Well, it has always been customary for live eviction shows to hold every Sunday even if no one gets to go home.

For those who attended the live eviction show, it was an opportunity to party since it was a holiday. The venue for the live eviction was packed full with beautiful ladies and handsome guys who all came out to turn up and support the most watch reality TV show in Nigeria. So guys, here are interesting things that happened at the live eviction show that you should know.

Ebuka and his agbada

Take it or leave it, Ebuka will continue to bring out the hot sauce out of himself every Sunday at the live eviction show. We actually think he is the original ‘Pepper Dem‘ guy because the moment he climbs on stage, we already know what to expect…looking dapper like a million bucks. This Sunday wasn’t any different as he came out looking perfect for the job with a not so unique Agbada but with a style, your favourite fashion designer might have sleepless nights putting together.

Three isn’t actually a crowd

For the first time in the history of the Big Brother live eviction Sunday, it had not just one but three big artists perform on its stage. The audience got what they didn’t bargain for as they were entertained by the guys toping the chats at the moment, FireBoyJoeBoy, and Victor AD.

The ladies loved these guys and their performances were top-notch, devoid of errors but perfection was the key all night. The beautifully dressed dancers made their job a lot earlier as they gave the crowd performances that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The ad breaks

Oops! Those ad breaks which allows you to get a cup of water of visit or the toilet briefly, are actually the major highlights at the eviction show. The moment the ad breaks kick-off, you get to see everyone party. Off course we had the very talented DJ Neptunes on standby as he dished out melodious tunes to the energetic crowd. We think we can now call the ad breaks ‘The 3 Minutes Lit Party.’

Like we said, during the ad breaks, we get to see everyone show off their dancing skills because no one is watching (Peaks of being there live). Just so you know, Ebuka isn’t only a very versatile presenter but a very good dancer. You might want to argue with us over this but you weren’t there but we were…so when we say Ebuka can dance, he can dance! Case closed!

When artists climb up the stage to perform at many events, fans always have their favourite. There must be that artist that takes it beyond just performing but giving the fans that extra vibe they seek for. Victor AD was that guy at the live eviction show as he blew away the minds of the audience as he performed his hit single ‘Wetin We Gain.’ We all know the attachment that song has with a lot of people…he came, he saw, performed excellently and even trended all night on Twitter.Source: Pulse Nigeria

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