Buttigieg leads Democratic Presidential Nomination Contest

Former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg will enter the country’s first primary election Tuesday leading in the delegate count.

Iowa’s Democratic Party released the results of last week’s caucus which was saddled by confusion and chaos partially due to a faulty app.

Buttigieg took 14 of the 41 delegates up for grabs in Iowa, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with 12, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s eight. Former Vice President Joe Biden took six and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar has one delegate. No other candidate finished in the delegate count.

It will take 1,990 delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination at the July convention in Milwaukee. Although it’s early in the race and 14 delegates many look paltry, every single delegate is important, especially with the race knotted up so far between Buttigieg and Sanders at the top and Warren not too far behind.

Democratic presidential contenders jabbed at each Sunday two days ahead of the crucial New Hampshire party primary, attempting to undercut each others’ credentials to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November national election.

Biden, now in a fight for his political life, and Buttigieg claimed on ABC News’ “This Week” show that the race against Trump will be more difficult to win if Sanders, one of the leading Democratic contenders, is the Democratic nominee because he is a self-declared democratic socialist.

New day-to-day tracking polling in the rural northeastern state showed Sanders leading Buttigieg in a top pairing, with Biden and Warren of Massachusetts in a clear second tier standing and Klobuchar of Minnesota trailing further in fifth.

Tuesday’s vote comes a week after Buttigieg edged Sanders in the farm state of Iowa at Democratic caucuses in the race for eventual delegates to the party’s July national presidential nominating convention, with the other three candidates trailing well behind.

Buttigieg claimed that “it’ll be a lot harder” for Democrats to oust Trump from the White House after a single term with Sanders heading the ticket if they are forced to democratic socialism to voters.

Still, Buttigieg said, “I’d be the most progressive president we’ve had in a half century.”

Biden said that a Sanders-led ticket would be “a bigger uphill climb” to defeat Trump.

With the Democrats continuing their fight among themselves for the right to take on Trump, the president on Sunday basked again in his acquittal last week on two impeachment charges, retweeting praise from supporters and criticizing Democrats.

“The Dems are crazed, they will do anything. Honesty & truth don’t matter to them. They are badly wounded. Iowa vote count was a disaster for them!,” Trump said.

Biden, Sanders and Warren all attacked Buttigieg, who a year ago was an unknown political figure throughout the country. Until recently he was the mayor of  a city of 100,000 people, the fourth largest in the Midwest state of Indiana. With his Iowa win, he will be the first openly gay presidential candidate to win delegates for the national party nomination.

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