NYSC approves Hijab for Muslim corp members

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has approved the use of white, shoulder-length hijab for Islamic female corp members in Nigeria. This came after several calls for the use of Hijab by Muslim clerics and groups within the country for the approval of hijab for Muslim corps members during their service year.

It will be recalled that a few weeks ago a video of an NYSC corp member went viral online. The NYSC corp member was seen to be harassed by a lady for converting her NYSC Khaki trousers to skirts. The corp memeber was also putting on a long hijab instead of the acceptable NYSC cap.

Also, there have been several reports of muslim corp members in the country been harrassed for having to wear or use the hijab during their service year

Following these incidents, the NYSC has magnanimously granted the approval of short hijab (up-to shoulder length) for Muslim corp members in the country who are interested in using the hijab during their service year. However, this will not come along side the regular NYSC kit but interested corp members are to come with theirs to the camp or buy during their service year.

The document reads, “The modes of dressing for corps members are classified into three categories, which are used for different occasions. One, within the camp during the orientation programme, their normal attire, except otherwise directed, consists of a pair of white shorts with a white vest and white canvas shoes and socks.

“Two, for ceremonial purposes, the proper dressing is crested vest on top of a pair of Khaki trousers with a pair of jungle boots and socks with the trouser folded inside the socks. The belt and the Fez cap are to match.

“Three, for Man O’War activities at the camp and Community Development Service programmes, they are expected to appear in a jacket and trousers with the plain white vest inside, the jungle boot and the Fez cap, as well as a customised belt to match.

“On the use of the hijab, the NYSC does not issue the hijab as part of its uniform. However, the NYSC management allows corps members to use a white hijab that drops at shoulder level for religious purposes.”

The scheme in the document listed the complete dress kit issued to a corps member as: a set of Khaki trouser and jacket, one crested vest, a pair of jungle boot, two pairs of white shorts, two plain white vests, a pair of white canvas shoes, one Fez cap, two pairs of customised socks and a customised belt.

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