Saudi Civil Defense employees hone skills in UK

RIYADH: More than 100 employees of the Saudi Civil Defense begin training in the UK on Sunday at the Fire Service College, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
The Directorate General of Civil Defense said the cohort of 105 was the seventh batch of personnel to take part in such training.
Brig. Gen. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Shamrani, head of the directorate general of training, expressed his gratitude to Lt. Gen. Sulaiman Al-Amro, the director-general of Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Civil Defense, for his support and enthusiasm during all stages of the nomination and selection process ahead of the training program.
Al-Shamrani said he was confident in the ability of the Civil Defense personnel taking part in the program.
He said the training would allow staff to hone their skills and experience, improving the services provided by Civil Defense when dealing with accidents.
Staff completed the procedures required to enroll in the session before they left the Kingdom for the UK.
They also attended a two-day meeting where they were briefed on the training program’s content and were encouraged to present a positive image of Saudi Civil Defense personnel.

Source: arabnews

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